Wednesday, August 6, 2014

2015 BMW X4 Specifications Reviews

If you are willing to have a great car which has a unique look, the new 2015 BMW X4 can be chosen as the best choice then. It is generally known by all people in this world that BMW has been becoming one of the biggest brands in automotive industry around this world since long time ago. Since its high popularity as one of the biggest and best automotive companies in this world, BMW has been making some great cars so far. There are some kinds of car which produced by BMW that offered for the market. It is not only sedan car which becomes the most popular type of this car, this company also produces crossover car which getting more popular in this time which named as X4 family. Based on, this car looks complete with some features which will make you feel satisfy while riding inside the cockpit.

Well, let’s go back to the review of the new product which is named as 2015 BMW X4. As what has explained before, this car is a kind of great car which has unique design. It is called so since different from other crossover car which commonly has SUV car design look alike, this car has closer design to sedan car. That is why the use of this sedan car design makes this car much classier and elegant if we try to compare it with the other types of sedan cars.

Talking about the design, overall there are no massive changes of this car compared to its previous generation. This 2015 BMW X4 still has luxury and classy look as typically other BMW cars. It can be seen as the use of aggressive body design around the body of this car and also the use of great design of LED headlights. But, as a crossover car, it is a normal thing for this car to have a masculine and tough look. The masculine and tough look can be seen by you from its high ground clearance. The use of high ground clearance is also able to distinguish this car from sedan car.

2015 BMW X4

As for the dimension, this 2015 BMW X4 can be said as a spacious enough car as for its dimension. It is called so since this car has typically crossover car which is spacious both for the passengers and some stuffs. As for the exterior dimension, this car has 184.3 inch as for the length, 74.1 inch as for the width, and 63.9 inch as for the height. In addition, this car has 8.0 inch as for its ground clearance. Thus, based on those dimension information, we can see that this car can be said as a car that has a great dimension which is not too small or not too big.

From the exterior side, now we can move to the interior side of this car. Similar with its exterior side which has elegant and classy look as typically BMW car, the interior side of this 2015 BMW X4 also has the same look which is looks elegant and classy on its exterior side. The greatness look of the interior side cannot only be gotten from its interior design, but, the use of high material on the seats and the dashboard of this car also makes the nuance of the interior side of this car looks more perfect. Furthermore, the well-arranged control panel on the dashboard also makes the nuance on the cockpit looks more stylish and sporty.

In addition, it will not only give you a classy and stylish look in driving experience, the great interior of this 2015 BMW X4 is also able to give you a convenience feel in driving experience. The convenience feel will be gotten by you as from its great safety features. As for the interior side, some safety features such as seatbelts and multi- airbags are able to be used to improve the safety and convenience feel as for the passengers and the driver. In addition, some technologies such as parking camera, stability control, and many more are also able to be used as the additional features to improve its safety.

Move to the engine side, since it is rumored to have two variants which are xDrive28 and xDrive35, the engine of this 2015 BMW X4 is also rumored to have two variants. Basically, this car has all- wheel drive system as for the enginery. The use of all- wheel drive system is very useful for those who want a great car which has a great performance. This system also allows you to drive this car in any field both good on- road and off- road. As for the engine variant, there will be 2.0 liter inline four as for the xDrive28 variant and 3.0 liter inline six as for the xDrive35.

As for the performance, there is no doubt on the performance of this car since BMW is well- known as a company which produces some great cars which have great performance. From those engines, this 2015 BMW X4 is able to produce a great performance which is as for the power the xDrive28 variant is able to produce 240 horsepower through its turbocharged 2.0 liter engine and 300 horsepower as for xDrive35 variant through its turbocharged 3.0 liter engine. In addition, as for the acceleration, the xDrive28 variant is able to accelerate from 0-60mph around 6.0 second and as for the xDrive35 is able to reach 0-60mph in around 5.8 second.  
Furthermore, it is not only able to be said as a kind of car which has a great power to drive, but the great performance of this car is also combined with some high technology which may able to make you feel convenience and give you a great driving experience. Some technology such as traction and stability control is able to give you great experience in driving. In addition, the use of 4 wheel antilock brake system (ABS) and emergency braking preparation is able to give you safer feel in driving this 2015 BMW X4.

So, what are you waiting for! If you are willing to have a great car to be driven to help your daily activities, a great car from BMW can be chosen as a great option for you. It is believed so since this company is well-known as a company which produces some great cars. If you are willing one of the great cars from BMW, a crossover products which named as 2015 BMW X4 can be chosen by you then. If you want so, you have to be more patient since this car is rumored to be available in the market around the end of this 2014. As for the price, some rumors estimated that this car will be offered start from $45,625. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

This is 2014 Alfa Romeo Giulietta

2014 Alfa Romeo Giulietta seems not go so far from the precious model. But sure for the newer model, this car has been installed and applied a plenty of supports and advance technology for getting the comfortable driving. At the contrast, this car comes with various paint color selection. And the significant change is in the cabin. There is updated and improved technology at the cabin. That is the plus value of this car, the cabin for this model has been more comfortable than before.

But sure, for the overall specification, you will not find the features, design for the interior and exterior and also the engine of 2014 Alfa Romeo Giulietta, and go so fat. It means there is no a significant change for the specification. Even the price is also not so different. There are just a few amounts to add to buy this new model. If you love the design of this car, especially for the interior and exterior appearance, you will see also it is not so different with the before.

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